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Dear chess friends,
RUSBASE is a project to record all important chess tournaments
and matches, held in Russia.
On the following pages you will find detailled information
from chess events, like:
Place, name of the event
Event date (in - format)
Type (match, tournament, open, ...)
You can download the games in PGN-format.
The PGN- files are compressed with Winzip;
Missing games / informations please send to
Popovsky Alexey(Magnitogorsk,Russia)

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    What's new?

    07.07.2016 - I have added championship of Donetsk Region,1934 in Stalino Seleznev ... and added championship of Erevan,1934 Akopian,Karapetian ... and added championship of Kharkov,1934(full crosstable) Kirillov ... and added championship of Leningrad "Trade Unions",1934(full crosstable and 9 new games) Rovner,Tolush ... in the chapter "National tournaments"
    14.07.2016 - I have added championship of Odessa Region,1934(full crosstable) Shukhgalter,Korchmar ... and added championship of Vinnitsa region,1934(1 new game) Konstantinopolsky ... and added tournament,1934(full crosstable and 1 new game) in Gorky Dubinin,Gilman ... and added tournament,1934(full crosstable) in Leningrad-F Sokolsky,Kuzminykh,Tolush ... in the chapter "National tournaments"
    18.07.2016 - I have added tournament in Odessa-B,1934 Shukhgalter ... and added tournament in Odessa,1934 Zhukhovitsky ... and corrected tournament,1934(1 new game) in Leningrad Rabinovich I.,Ragozin,Levenfish,Alatortsev ... and corrected tournament,1934(1 new game) in Moscow Panov ... in the chapter "National tournaments"
    19.07.2016 - I have corrected selected tournaments,1936(full crosstable now) Kotov ... and corrected championship of "Trade Unions",1936(1 new game) in Moscow Lisitsyn,Chekhover,Konstantinopolsky,Lilienthal ... and corrected championship of Erevan,1937(1 new game) Veizer,Karapetian ... and corrected tournaments of 1 category,1938(1 new game) in Gorky Khavin,Nezhmetdinov,Smyslov,Shneideman,Grechkin ... in the chapter "National tournaments"
    20.07.2016 - I have corrected tournament of Ural,Siberia,1938(1 new game) in Sverdlovsk Ufimtsev,Nezhmetdinov ... and corrected team championship of "Trade Unions",1939 in Leningrad Levenfish,Alatortsev ... and corrected tournaments of candidates,1939(7 new games) in Rostov-on-Don Rudakovsky,Furman,Manevich,Makogonov,Kasparian,Boleslavsky,Tolush ... and corrected tournaments of candidates,1940(1 new game) in Moscow Belavenets,Averbakh,Murzin,Nezhmetdinov,Veresov,Makogonov,Furman,Bondarevsky,Tolush,Simagin ... in the chapter "National tournaments"
    21.07.2016 - I have corrected Memorial I.Lipnitsky,1967(48 new games and full crosstable) in Alushta Kogan B.,Gusev ... and added Memorial I.Lipnitsky,1979(1 new game and full crosstable) in Kiev Foigel,Novikov ... and added Memorial I.Lipnitsky,1981(full crosstable) in Kiev Foigel ... in the chapter "National tournaments"(Thanks to Nikolai Fuzik,Efim Lazarev,Oleg Tovchiga!!)
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    Special thanks to: Thomas Henrich(Giessen,Germany),Gino Di Felice(Italy), Alexander P. Tiurin(Russia,Magnitogorsk),JM Barrueco(Spain),Tomas Hecht(Slovakia),Nick Sukhov(Ukraine,Kiev),Roger Watson,Jan Kalendovsky(Czechia),Valery Golubenko(Estonia), John Blackstone, Victor Kortelev(Russia),Jan Kersten(Netherlands), Gerald Hartmann, Geert Clijsen(Netherlands),Antonio Castello(Spain),Uldis Sermons(Latvia),Vladislav Novikov(Moscow, Russia),Arthur Mack(USA),Ramil Mukhometzianov(Russia),Wojciech Bartelski(Poland),Roman Tyutyunnik(Ukraine),Reinhard Nolde(Germany),Douglas Griffin(Scotland),Pierre Bourget(Canada),Eduard Ivanov(Russia),Dominique Primel(France),Khanamiryan Gagik(Armenia),Viktor Gavrikov(Switzerland),Dan Scoones,Boris Khramov(Russia),Steve Wommel(Belgium),Volf Rubinchik(Belarus),Aleksandr Vasilchenko(Russia,Orsk),Nikolai Fuzik,Efim Lazarev,Oleg Tovchiga(Ukraine,Kiev) for their contributions.


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